[spinning] Tour de Fleece - Finis!

I didn't spin quite as much as I would have liked during TdF, but here's my finished yarn:


The two purple skeins all the way to the right are the alpaca from Fantom Farms.

I love the singles to the left of them-


Merino from Frabjous Fibers in Redwood forest. Very soft worsted-bulky weight. I'm tempted to try a mitered scarf with this yarn- because of the longish solid color lengths. These singles were so fast to spin up.

I made a two ply with Ashland Bay merino in the mojave colorway:


So soft and squishy and bouncy!

And, for the first time ever, I made a corespun yarn:


I used some of my Grafton Fibers corriedale batt for this. Basically, I drafted/wrapped around a strand of crochet cotton. You can see some white spots where fiber covering isn't as thick as it should be. It's not so noticeable in natural light- the camera flash reveals more than what you would see normally.



Yeah, I don't know. I haven't finished this yarn in any way (haven't washed it), it's overspun and it's not the smoothest/softest yarn (due to drafting the fiber at 90 degrees to the core, as opposed to simply drafting the fiber parallelly. parallellilly. Parallel to the direction that the fibers lie.), so I'm not sure what to make with it. Maybe a hat, but I'm thinking... The loom? Maybe a woven table runner?

Yeah, I've got to use my loom and I'm hoping that weaving will take care of any biasing from the yarn being overspun.

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gayle said...

Very pretty yarns! And at least you finished. I'm still working on mine...