[gaming] Small World

I have some pictures from a 4-player game of Small World. While I don't have a picture showing it all together (I did, but it looked confusing and perhaps overwhelming), I do have snapshots of the different components.

The sun shining on Small World. Here, you can see the board with race tokens placed on the various terrain spaces. There are victory coins in piles of 1, 3, 5 and 10. My two races are below the coins (the one on the right is in decline). And the black tray to the left holds all the race tokens...


Some races to choose from (from bottom to top: Fortified Halflings, Forest Orcs, Pillaging Ghouls, Diplomat Skeletons)...


The races. Here you can see Amazons on the hills and Humans on the farmland. There's a dragon token near the center of the picture- the Human special ability was "Dragon Master", so once per turn a human could jump onto the dragon and conquer any region in the world. Very powerful :)


The race tokens that look gray/dull have been turned over because they are in decline.

The game is very fun. The ONLY thing I dislike about the game is the token tray:


They are tough to get out and once you start putting them back, the first one or two can fall flat to the bottom, making it frustratingly difficult to pick them back out again. I need to find some new plastic containers or a better way to do this...


gayle said...

How about one of those fishing tackle boxes with lots of compartments? Or a nuts-and-bolts organizer? Sometimes they have adjustable compartments.

Snowberry and Lime said...

that game looks great! I really love complicated board games. :D

Fishbulb said...

If you still haven't fixed the tile compartment issue, check's Small World page. Someone uploaded inserts that will not only help you remove the tiles, but they also include cover images to make finding the races easier.