[spinning] Optim in September

While in Portland, OR this past spring, I picked up a 4 oz bump of optim at Knit Purl.

Chameleon Colorworks Optim

Fiber by Chameleon Colorworks in the September colorway.

What is optim? It's merino fibers that have been mechanically stretched...

"The stretching process— called Optim— was first introduced in Australia in 2002. It permanently alters the molecular structure of merino wool, giving it greater luster that, in turn, reflects dyed colors more brilliantly than the standard merino counterparts" (source)"

When I started pre-drafting the fiber, it was more fluid, wispy and light than I'm used to. I spun it thin, all on one bobbin, with plans to chain ply it. But... In the end, I decided to leave it as a single. And...

Wah lah!


It felted a wee bit during the finishing, which gives the strands a bit of a halo, but I prefer knowing the strands will hold. I was very nervous of it pulling apart when skeining it onto my niddy noddy.

I don't know the WPI's, but I think it's a heavy lace-weight...


The funniest part was when I showed it to my sister. She said, "It looks like your rice scoop."



It DOES look like my rice scoop!



So, I need to count the strands to figure out yardage. I'm hoping I have enough for a small lacy shawl.


gayle said...

The rice scoop cracks me up!
It and the yarn are both very pretty colors!

Sara said...

OMG that yarn does look like your rice scoop!

Where did you find such a colorful rice scoop????

Snowberry and Lime said...

wow, that's gorgeous! I haven't gotten my hands on any optim yet, maybe one day. :)

That rice scoop is so pretty and it's just funny that you didn't realise when spinning it - it looks like it was meant to look like the scoop!