[gaming] Incan Gold

Here's a fast (about 15 minutes) and fun game that I'm currently in love with- Incan Gold.

There are 5 rounds, which can last anywhere from 3 seconds to a few minutes (depending on what cards are turned over). The ancient temple (and rumored artifacts) are revealed in ascending order. Here we have already turned over cards 1-3:

Incan Gold

Your action choices are simple- either continue exploring or head back to camp with the treasure you've found so far. The "press you luck" mechanic is what makes this little game so intense.

Here's a path of treasures and hazards. You can see a player's tent in the background, with some turquoise sitting outside of it.

Incan Gold

If you flee- I mean, head back to camp, you get to tuck your treasure safely away inside your tent, keeping the exact amount secret from other players until the end of the game:

Incan Gold

Here are the two actions cards. Everyone secretly chooses one, then reveals them together- you never know who's going to stay or who's going to go. The one on the left is the "back to camp" card, the one on the right is the "continue exploring" card.

Incan Gold

Here's something I noticed recently. The guy's bag in the "back to camp" card has a tear in it!

Incan Gold

I hope he didn't drop too many treasures on his way out.

But the BEST best part of the game is the NEW gems I got. I went to Gemstar Gemstone in Enfield with my sister to replace the plastic turquoise, obsidian and gold pieces.

Here's the pieces that came with the game:

Incan Gold

Here are the pieces that we got:

Incan Gold

So much prettier and heavier and nicer. Gemstar did have real turquoise nuggets but buying enough would have put me WAY over budget. As it is, I spent more on the gems than I did on the game itself.

But it was so worth it:

Incan Gold


Shelby said...

the treasures in his bag look like...I don't know what, but they don't look good...*laughs*

Your gems, however, are gorgeous! I can't go to Gemstar...it sucks money out of me like an industrial Hoover.

amy said...

That thing poking out of the sack is a piece of a copper necklace- one of the artifacts you could pick up. But yeah, the fleshy color... the shape... I can see how it might resemble something else.

gayle said...

Yeah, I was a little puzzled by his "treasure" too.
Fabulous gems you found. SO much nicer than what came with the game!