[gaming] Zooloretto

Sorry for not posting in a few weeks. We've been chillaxing with lots of game-playing. My current favorite boardgame is Zooloretto. I have all the available expansions (XXL, Exotic) and we play with them all- minus the building sites, which I feel is too... aggressive for some players. (Seriously, Dollar would considering it a combat action).

Anyway, the game is basically you filling up a zoo. That's the basic game. With the XXL expansion, you can have a petting zoo and fill it with baby animals. You have a savings book to make more money. You have a secret job board that gives you bonuses for specific animals. You can buy extra mini enclosures for a few kinds of animals. You can send full enclosures of animals to international zoos. There are pavilions to buy, a souvenir shop to win, a restaurant, and a polar bear and gorilla that help you.

As if that wasn't enough, I got the Exotic expansion that adds a track around your main board, to fill with exotic animals only. This expansion also introduces visitors to your park! Yay for meeples! They move around your zoo when you get new exotic animals or vendors. When an opponent places an exotic animal, a visitor color of his/her choice will move forward and yours will actually move BACK and head for the exit. "Did you hear Dollar's Zoo just got another koala? Let's leave Amy's Zoo and head over there!" I like that aspect of the game- fickle visitors subject to the lure of new animals.

Here are our finished boards from a 4-player game. I made some scoring spreadsheets to help tally things up at the end (because of all the expansions) and I'm always surprised at how close the scores are at the end of gameplay.






gayle said...

A game that keeps you too busy to post MUST be a winner! 8)
I love board games with lots of fiddly bits - will have to check that one out.

Shelby said...

OMG, I so want to play it with the meeples!!! i've been jonesing for some Zooloretto lately, believe it or not. I'm holding off on buying my own copy until Mark gets here, otherwise I'll just have it sitting there and stare at it longingly...;)