[knitting] Money Bags

I knit little green dice bags for Dollar, on which I duplicate stitched dollar signs:

$'s Dice Bags
Small- about 3 inches across

$'s Dice Bags
Large- about 4.5 inches across

Pattern: Draw String Bag from Vogue Knitting, Fall 2005- following an article on how to do a Turkish Cast-On, which I used for this bag. It creates a seamless edge, but I'm sure you could use whatever method you use for toe-up socks.

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca (green), Knit Picks Andean Silk (gold)

Needles: US 7

Notes: I used the book 1000 Great Knitting Motifs for the "s"es. Upper and lower case letters are charted and there are instructions on how to do the duplicate stitch. I used the lower case s for the smaller bag and added a couple vertical lines. It came out a little messed-up looking but I tossed the bag to Dollar across the room and he said he loved it. I used an upper case S for the larger bag and I'm more please with how that one turned out. I wove in the ends and Dollar immediately put his dice in the bags. Awwww...

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gayle said...

Both bags look great! The duplicate stitch was a great idea. I would have tried to use stranded knitting and made myself crazy...