[spinning] Ashford Traveller

I was notified by my bf's mom that there was a bunch of spinning stuff at a family member's garage sale. I tend to avoid garage and yard sales because I don't want to buy other people's used garbage. Harsh, I know, but I don't really like used stuff. Or rather, most used stuff. I can make an exception when I find a $500 spinning wheel for $65:

Ashford Traveller Spinning Wheel

I brought it home and asked my sister if she wanted it. She said yes and we set to work fixing a wonky leg. I dusted it off, oiled it and got to spinning 4oz of natural brown Jacob wool. I'm not used to the single treadle (my Kromski is a double treadle), so I spun thick and quick. Here's the bulky plied wool I spun on this wheel:

Brown Bulky wool

It's an Ashford Traveller and it's a good wheel. It would have been a bargain and twice the price.

All the accoutrements I also purchased at the garage sale:

Spinning Supplies

From left to right: wool comb, lazy kate and 4 bobbins (this was $2), green drop spindle (with pretty butterflies on it), light wooden Louet drop spindle, small niddy noddy, large niddy noddy (this one's for Shelby), hand carders (these are a little dirty but the teeth are good and they were a steal at $10).

I went back to the garage sale the next day and bought all the knitting patterns.


gayle said...

Holy cow!
That really raises the bar for Best Garage Sale Ever...

My best garage sale score was a stack of quilting hoops for 50 cents each. You just left me in the dust!

countryelvis4 said...

Holy cow indeed! I've been searching for that yard sale for years :) If you ever come across another wheel at bargain prices, please, please, please let me know.

Joansie said...

Oh my gosh! What a deal! I'm so envious. I was excited to get my wheel on Craigslist but it wasn't anywhere as much of a bargain as what you found. It's all about being at the right place at the right time! Enjoy!