[misc] Weekend roundup

It's Monday, so that means Murderface. Here he is getting treats.

The weekend started off with a bang. I got a call from Lois at White River Yarns, asking whether or not I wanted a drum carder for $215. I hemmed and hawed a bit and said, "I dunno. I guess I've have to take a look at it. See what state it's in." She said it has never been out of the box. I said, "I'll be there in five minutes." Yes, I bought a drum carder to process fiber. But really, am I ever going to use it? I buy my fiber already processed...

Saturday I went apple picking with my sister at Poverty Lane Orchards in Lebanon, NH.

Apple Picking>

It was a gorgeous day. A perfect fall day.

Apple Picking

As we were walking through the trees, I said to my sister, "Concerts and apple picking- that's when being tall comes in handy."

Apple Picking

That same afternoon I drove up to Tunbridge (another gorgeous drive) to visit friends. Where they live, they are totally secluded and remote and have started a farm with sheep and llamas. Basically living the lifestyle that Dollar and I plan on starting. Soon. I hope. While I was there, they gave me a bag of fiber from one of their llamas. It's already washed and carded but it can be slippery to spin (I had this problem when I tried spinning alpaca for the first time a couple weeks ago). So I could maybe blend it with some wool for stability. But I would need a drum carder for that. Oh wait! I have one now! Wheee!

That evening, we went to the haunted corn maze. There are long lines to wait in but once you're inside the maze, it's scream time. I have to admit, I was scared. There's the "BAH!" quick scare, the "agh-AGH!" double scream when someone jumps out of the corn and scares you, then you see their mask and scream again, the silent fear that overcomes you when a creepy, masked monster is quietly stalking you, the "it's quiet... too quiet" anticipatory fear. I'm telling you, I wonder why I go. At least I have Dollar to hang (literally) onto. NO WAY would I go through those corn fields alone.

One guy jumped out at me with a "WHAAGH!" I went "AAGGHH!!" He got me good. As he moved on, I heard him go, "Heh heh heh heh." Like, an honest chuckle of someone who scared you good and is content about it.

There were lots of kids doing the scaring as well. And you couldn't see them because they were so small and well hidden. I tried not to exclaim, "Holy F*#%ing Sh&t!!" into their masked faces and tried to stick with "AGH! ... Jeeze! I mean... Jeeze. Wow. You got me. Heh heh."


Sunday I think I pretty much cooked all day. Breakfast for me, turnovers for Dollar, grocery shopping, apple pie, dinner (chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, MMMmm).

Monday, today... The plan is to do a crap-load of laundry. And fun stuff between loads.


Sara said...

Amy, Sounds like you had a great week-end, too. I just posted about mine.

Murderface is so cute...he looks so sweet getting his treats. Does he overtake your bed, too?

Shelby said...

I feel a little bit cheated by your Murderface video. When I read that he was getting treats, I was all excited to see the famed "putting treats in Dollar's ear and letting Murderface eat them" trick. ;)

amy said...

Murderface doesn't overtake the bed. Too much. He stays around the foot of the bed.

It's true. I still on occasion put treats into Dollar's ear and Murderface sniffs around his face and head until he finds the treat. But Dollar is completely, 100% against me showing his face online (he wishes to remain anonymous).