[knitting] Christmas Tree Hat

I recently modified this pattern for a Christmas Tree Hat to fit an adult head:


I thought this would be a good November selection for Hat Club at White River Yarns. Knit the hat and then bring it into the shop for a "Trim Your Tree" party. (Which now, suddenly, sounds like I want to get a group of women together to... you know... do some landscaping... down there. Is it just me? Why does my mind go to these places?)

Here are some of the decorations I have. Sparkly pom-poms for the top, perfect little Christmas lights, candy canes, etc.


Now to write up the pattern...


gayle said...

This sounds crazy and fun!
Please take lots and lots of pictures... 8)

Anonymous said...

I love it! I hope you share it again when decorated!

lilymarlene said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished object!