[amy] Busy

I'm so happy spring is here. Warm weather, longer daylight, and birds chirping outside. The only downside is all the stupid cleaning. I vacuumed the whole house, took out the garbage from all the rooms, mopped the kitchen, did laundry, dusted, tidied, washed, wiped, etc. I even cleaned my car and took it for an "ultra" car wash. Check out some of the car products I used:

Ass Wipes for your car!

And knitting! What knitting! I finishing both of Dollar's socks- I just need to kitchener the toes closed and weave in ends. I plan on starting the next pair right away (might as well while I'm on a roll) with Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted Weight.


Shelby said...

Ass wipes?


Your idea of spring cleaning seems somewhat different than mine...;)

Zarzuela said...

LOL! I really should have done some cleaning this weekend, but there were just so many much more *fun* thing to do. ;)