[amy] Weekend of food and yarn

Very productive weekend. Friday night I made a maple-glazed pork roast (recipe from an old Cook's Illustrated). It came out perfect. This is why I love to cook. I also had a grand plan to make a maple cheesecake but I had guests over, so I couldn't very well ignore them while I worked alone in the kitchen. (Note: Dollar and I had pork leftovers Sunday night and the meat was still juicy and flavorful!)

Saturday I drove down to Northampton, MA with a couple knitters. We met up with some other knitters at a Korean restaurant/food store. I bought some supplies (Mirin! Now I can make proper Teriyaki sauce!) and we all stayed for lunch. Then we pushed on to Webs for some shopping. I got lots of superwash wool and the one ball of Longmeadow I need to finally finish the nightie.

Sunday I had plans for a family Easter dinner but things didn't work out. Instead, I finally did my state taxes, paid bills, cleaned, worked on one of the cable socks, and went grocery shopping. At the grocery store, as soon as I started pushing my cart down the first isle, a voice came over the intercom to say that the store is closing in 15 minutes and bring your items to the front. Vroom! Vroom! Sqquueeeeeaalll! I started running up and down the isles, taking corners on two wheels, knocking over mountains of carefully stacked coffee cans, trying to read the shopping list (laundry detergent... milk... AA batteries...) as I grabbed items off shelves and streaked by other shoppers.

This week... Let's see... more knitting, movie and TV watching, and I want to cook something interesting. I've got all this ground beef. I usually make a bolognese sauce for pasta or a meatloaf but Dollar suggested burgers. Mmmm... Teriyaki burgers?


Christie said...

How can anyone complain when a weekend is filled with food and yarn? Wow! Lucky you!!!

Shelby said...

teryaki burgers would probably be the bomb...