[weekend] Shall I play for you, pa rum pum pum pum, On my drum?

The weekends just go by too quickly. Saturday morning Dollar and I went out to run our Saturday Morning Errands. Go to my post office, go to his post office, King Arthur Flour (for the day's baguette and maybe a couple pastries) and then down to Stern's produce stand for the week's veggies.

On the drive from KAF to Stern's, a truck in front of us kind of pulled over, then sort of stopped in the middle of the street, then drove away. While we both muttered "What the fuck, dude?", Dollar looked over to see a yard sale. What was it that was so intriguing that the driver of this truck wanted to stop? By the time I posed this question to myself, we were already pulled over, Dollar had thrown his door open and was running from the truck. I briefly heard him say, "That's a drum set." What? It can't- NOOOOO!

I walked over to Dollar and he was rapping his knuckles against the drums. I slapped my hand down on the cymbals. He dropped his foot down on the pedal for the big bass drum. We asked the guy why he was selling them and all he could say was, "I'm getting married." Awww! He was so sad and heart-broken to see the drums go! I looked at the tops of the drums and they were used, that was clear, but in good condition. He played these drums a lot.

"$125 or Best Offer" was what the sign said. I wanted to tell Dollar to offer $80 and then see if he could get the guy down to $100. Dollar said he'd pay $125 outright. It was a musician camaraderie thing- he knew the guy was sad, so wanted to pay the whole price. Whatever, I'm a bargain hunter. I don't care how sad the guy is- I'm not going to pay full price at a yard sale. The whole point of a yard sale is to haggle.

So we got drums. No- Dollar got drums. I got a headache. I think Dollar is incredibly musically talented (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, regular and bass wooden flutes he picked up at Bonnaroo) and I love hearing him play. Even when I was getting supper ready and I heard "boom boom buh-boom-boom tch! boom BOOM boom buh-boom-boom tch! boom BOOM boom etc", I poked my head into his studio and said "That sounds nice!" Then I went back into the kitchen and started applying Head On directly to my forehead.

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