[amy] Thank you- I mean- them.

[SCENE: Amy comes home from her cousin's wedding to find a bouquet on the dining room table, with a Post-It that says "To Amy, Love Dollar"]

AMY: Aww, that's so sweet. What are these for?

DOLLAR: My coworkers gave them to me.

AMY: ... Your coworkers gave you flowers and you're giving them to me?

DOLLAR: No, they got them for you.

AMY: Your coworkers got me flowers?

DOLLAR: They put that note on it. They're supposed to be from me.

AMY: Hang on, your coworkers got me flowers that they signed your name to?


AMY: That's... nice of them.


AMY: Do they think you need- Was I supposed to think that you got me the flowers?

DOLLAR: I don't know.

AMY: Well... that was nice of them anyway.

DOLLAR: They got me mini cans of Dr. Pepper.

AMY: You have really nice coworkers.

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