[tv] Ari Gold is a scumbag- and I love it!

While we wait for the next seasons of Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica and Desperate Housewives (that's for me) to come out, I've been trying out other TV shows.

We got the first season of Robot Chicken. I don't know, I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5. I like it but I don't love it. It's kind of dark and man-centric. I *did* like the episode with the big race skit, though. Cuz you know the creators were sitting around going, "What if... pppffft... we did, like, a race... with... ppfft... some Mario Kart characters against... Batman and Robin in the Batmobile against... The Dukes of Hazard and... Oh! And Knight Rider! And the guys from CHiPs! Who else?" "Ppfftt... SPEED RACER!" "SHIT! Speed Racer, yeah!" Everything about the show is a pop-reference and while that's amusing and all, I feel like you can only really enjoy the show if you have ADD and are coked out of your mind.

I put Invader Zim back into my queue. I watched them all and loved the show. I loved Zim and Dib and Gir (Doom doomdoomdoom doom!) and thought Dollar would as well. He thought the first disk was "amusing" but didn't really dig it. Which left me reeling. I wanted to break up with him but I realized that if I drop him because he didn't enjoy a cartoon show as much as I did, then we've got deeper problems. ... But seriously! How can you not love this show?! 5 out of 5 stars!

So now we're watching Entourage. This is another HBO show upholding my claim that YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH AN HBO SHOW. They're all funny, smart and well produced. I was on the fence about Entourage but decided to go ahead and get it. It's great! So funny! Of course, it makes me a little sick about Hollywood. It seems to me that it's just one big popularity contest. Like high school all over again, but that's what life is like out there. The popular, pretty kids are making insane amounts of money and everyone wants to suck-up to them. It makes me a little dirty watching it. But Jeremy Piven (who plays Hollywood agent Ari Gold)! Awesome! He's so unapologetically racist, sexist, misogynistic and needy. I love it.

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