[knitting] I like my kool aid yarn better now

Last night, as soon as I got home from work, as soon as I walked in the door, I grabbed my finally dry yarn and started winding it up. It looks so much better with the colors all mixed together like that (although I still think the blue is too electric). I think using 4 colors was good. If I were to do this over, I'd do it with 2 shades of red and 2 shades of purple. That would be pretty. Although the next time I dye it'll be JUST greens and blues.

Ball and Skein:

Swatch at night:

Swatch in the morning:

Here's the Hobo Camp bag (not that you can tell it looks like anything yet):

And Gatsu, waiting for his breakfast:


scully said...

OMG! We have a Deadman's Reach Coffee travel mug too! A friend sent it to us from Alaska.

amy said...

It's my most favorite mug. It has lasted years and years. I used to go up to Alaska a lot for work and I got it up there. I also sent some of the coffee to Henry Rollings and he send me a Thank You card. Whatta guy.

Shelby said...

I like the Kool Aid yarn. I want to try a little microwave-dying sometime, too...