[amy] Battlestar, We, Dying Yarn

I finished watching Season 2.0 of Battlestar Galactica over the weekend. I love this show. It's probably my most favorite show right now. This was a rather short season (only 10 episodes, I think) but a lot happened. It starts off right where Season 1 ended- Adama is hurt; Laura is locked up; Starbuck is off on a mission; and several of Galactica’s crew are stranded. Basically by the time these stories are wrapped up, half the season is over. After that, all kinds of new shiat goes down. New planes, new people, new problems… If you’re not watching this series, you should be. It’s awesome.

I’ve got Undeclared coming next. I liked Freaks and Geeks and I like Seth Rogan (I’d hit it).

I’m currently reading We by Yevgeny Zamyatin for book club, which is meeting at the end of the month. The new format is having a moderator lead the discussion. People have been asking me who the moderator is but I’m not telling. I think the mystery may draw more people. Anyway, the book is good (I like dystopian novels).

Knitting club is meeting at my place tonight. I may rip out a hobo bag I was working on (it’s coming out looking more like a banana than an orange slice). I’d also like to dye some yarn with Kool Aid. That should be fun. I'll post pictures after...

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