[books/movies] Proulx- Robbed at the Oscars? Yes. According to her.

Proulx pens tirade over 'Crash' Oscar

Jo Blo responds with Shut up, you fucking baby!

Bahh hahahahhaa! I haven't see Brokeback Mountain yet, but I have seen Crash. I liked it. I think Proulx is being immature and ungrateful.


Mark Sasahara said...

She's a fuckin' asshole. When I worked at the Burlington Free Press as a shooter, I had to photograph her. What a cunt. The Shipping News won some award, or something, so I had to drive all the way out to East Jesus to take her picture.

She lived out in the middle of nowhere and the directions were vague, so it took a while to get to her house. I was about five, or ten minutes late. When I came in, she was upstairs and yelled down to me, bitching me out for being late. She them proceeded to ignore me and talk on the phone for about half an hour.

Now, I really don't care if I get her photo, or not, but if I don't come back with a photo I'll get bitched out by the the editors. So I wait, like a chump, for her to finish her phone interview. "It's the New York Times", she said, the condescention dripping from her mouth. I just don't understand, she agreed to be photographed, but does she have to be such an asshole about it? Apparently yes.

She finished her call and gave me about ten minutes to take her picture. Then some other photographer, a cute female, from the Valley News and apparently a friend comes in and I'm left to suck wind. So, I get horrible pictures of Proulx. If she wants to look like shit, fine by me. It's just frustrating when you are thwarted from doing your job, by a "willing" subject.

amy said...

"The Shipping News won some award"

Ha ha ha. I think it was the Pulitzer. I didn't know she lived in Vermont.

Mark Sasahara said...

I think she moved, but I don't know when, or where. I'm pretty sure she is no longer in VT. Bitch.

Bill said...

Blo's criticisms are right and Proulx should know better than to let her sour grapes out in public, but I think her assessment of the mindset of many Acedemy voters is probably spot-on. The LA Times nailed this point home nicely the day after the Oscars and its criticisms of Crash were perfect, IMHO.