[knitting] The "playful" womb

this is the blog of the creator of the knitted womb. This chick is clearly insane. She answers some common knitted-womb questions she's been getting:

Q: Why a womb?
A: Why not?


Q: Plan on kitting up anything else weird?
A: I'm seeing a lot of expressive potential in the urinary system right now.


Q: Why not a penis?
A: [links to a crocheted penis]

O- Oh my god.

Crazy. This chick is crazy. Look at the purse she made! Cra- Hold on. Okay, this bunny she made is cute. And the Superhero poncho is really cool (I'm going to make my next poncho with a hood!). So... maybe she's only a little crazy. And that's not such a bad thing if you think about it.


Anonymous said...

The question is, is the hood on the poncho supposed to be a "clitoral hood"?

amy said...

I hope not.

Great, now you've totally ruined me on the hood idea.

k said...

The superhero poncho is not an anatomical piece by any means - the pattern, btw, is from Knitting Pure and Simple, pattern #243 Children's Poncho. I just added stripes and left off the fringe.

amy said...

I found a cool looking poncho here. I think the colors are great and could be a cool project to do over the summer (for next fall).

Anonymous said...

eddy hi amy could u stage a cricket fight and put photoes on the net