[boardgames] Holiday game guide... to Carcassonne!

Matthew Baldwin posts his 5th annual Good Gift Game (G3) Guide over at The Morning News. These are good starting games for everyone because they meet the following criteria:

1. Easy to learn, with rules that can be explained in less than five minutes

2. Entertaining, so committed to the fun factor that even the guy who comes in dead last has a great time playing

3. Quick, lacking downtime and requiring no more than an hour to complete.

I haven't been to Funagain or Games Surplus in a while, so hearing about Carcassonne: The City was news to me. I've got the original Carcassonne, plus all the expansions (Inns & Cathedrals, King & Scout, Traders & Builders), Hunters and Gatherers and the two player variant: The Castle. ... Gah! There's a new expansion called The Count of Carcassonne! 12 new starter tiles, which is cool because the river pieces were getting boring and totally give the person who plays the first farmer an unfair advantage.


Bill said...

Okay Amy, I just bought Carcassonne & Carcassonne: the Castle from Funagain, based in part on your recommendation. My medieval-loving domestic partner will love it I'm sure. But is it fun?

amy said...

Gah! I can't belive you bought it! It's so much fun! The original is a great game and you get the bonus river tiles (which used to be an expansion you had to pay for). The only downside (in my opinion) it that it doesn't come with a sack to put all your tiles in, but I'm sure you can get something somewhere. The bag I got was from one of the Traders & Builders or Inns & Catherdrals expansions that I got.

The Castle is a fun game for two. The outside of the castle is the scoring track and you put all your pieces on the inside of the castle. It's much fun and all the little pictures on the tiles are well detailed (it's kind of like Where's Waldo?).

Um.. I've actually had a little bit to drink now, which might account for the rambling I'm doing. Happy Wednesday.

Bill said...

It's funny because I just blogged about Uncle Mark's Gift Guide and Almanac, in which he too raves about Carcassonne. I considered checking it out based upon that praise, but then when I read your post it was like kismet or something. Emily and I are gamers--video, board, card, improv, party, rpg... we like games, so this will be good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ames,
Just a quick gaming note while it's up. If you have/use a PC much, you have to check out the RPG Gothic (I also loved the first Vampire: Masquerade -sequel's coming out soon!!- on a total tangent, it was creepy as shit). Back to Gothic, it's a European (German?) company and they definately have a different sensibility than U.S. stuff that's awesome & origial. I'm excitedly writing b/c last night I got the part where you sell swamp "weed" for a sect of religious loonies peddling the stuff. F'ing high - sterical! Also, as may be apparent, my rambling is due to too little sleep.