[amy] Weekend Update

I don’t really like dogs. No, I don’t like them at all actually. Guess what I’m doing this week? House- and Dog- sitting. I’ve known this dog for a long time and it’s the only one I feel comfortable around. I’m still afraid, though. It all started when…

[cue flashback harp music]

I was a little girl and my grandpa’s dog bit me in the face.

[cut back to present]

So that’s it. I hate dogs because they hate me. They must know I’m a cat person… So this dog-sitting thing is sweet and sour. The sweet part is that the house has cable and I watched 120 hours of t.v. this past weekend. I caught up on Food Network, MTV, VH1, E!, Bravo and all kinds of crap stations. The sour part is taking the dog on his pee/shit breaks. He’s kind of old and that makes me sad. And he’s kind of stinky, which makes me mad. I try not to pet him but he gets all dejected-looking and I end up petting him but I immediately run to wash my hands afterwards.

I don’t have to stay with him at the house, but I’d feel bad leaving him all alone and coming over just to let him out for five minutes at a time. He’d cry little doggie tears, I know he would.

Other than that, I’m frantically trying to finish a knitting project in time for Christmas. And trying to read Practical Demonkeeping, The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove, Island of the Sequined Love Nun and Lamb in preparation for The Stupidest Angel- the discussion of which starts next Monday. I love to read but, crap, that’s a lot of reading.


Anonymous said...

This blog's all whacked. I went looking for a comment I made, and it said there were zero comments, so I added a second that made a nutty big deal about "where did my first blog go", only to find that after I'd posted it, it was listed in the number, but the browser won't go to it. Either "blogger" sucks, or it's the worthless servers at this worthless school. My money's on #2.

amy said...

How long ago did you leave your comment? If it was months and months ago, it might have been made with a different comment-creator I was using. All those comments are long gone now.

If it was recent, you may want to refresh the page...