[olympics] I hear Blaine Wilson is super-fine

I have no tv, so I haven't been watching the Olympic Games. I feel bad about that. The world's best athletes are competing in Greece and I'm watching dvd's of tv shows on my laptop. Oh well.

I recently borrowed Season 2 of The Shield from my neighbor. I tell you what, this series just gets better and better. WAY more entertaining than that Whores on Manhattan Island I've been watching.


Anonymous said...

Does this friggin thing work yet. I'm mostly testing it out, but that Red v. Blue really is funny. Let me know how the rest of it is. The Shield was alright too, FX is getting better over time. That's why I never "got" Spike TV, I mean FX was TV for men long before Spike. Ted Turner didn't own that one though so I think he insisted on having his own. I hate Rupert Murdoch, good thing it's attached to your site and not mine.
Sully HAH HA!

amy said...

Joy. I can't wait for all your comments "Sully." Listen, August is winding down and you said you'd come up for a visit before the end of the month... Care to let me know when? Plus, what's your favorite food?