[movies] Ninja Scroll

I watched Ninja Scroll last night and it was completely awesome. It has one of the most brutal fight scenes that I've ever seen on film- live action or animated. I mean, this was some serious ass-kicking taking place.

I stopped the movie about 10 minutes into it to change the English dubbing to Japanese with English subtitles. I don't know where they hire some of the American actors to do the voices-overs, but the old man sounded kooky (instead of wise), the main character sounded like an asshole (instead of reserved) and everyone else sounded stupid. I think the Japanese people that are originally hired to do the voices take more pride in the story and give the film much more integrity.

I'm still not too clear on the plot (there was some kind of treachery taking place between clans) and I didn't see/hear anything about an actual scroll. So that's kind of weird... But I will surely watch it again.

I was meant to watch the first disk of Reign: The Conquerer, "a 21st century sci-fi spin on the epic exploits of Alexander the Great, is a visual feast of cutting edge animation, with engaging characters, an intricate plotline and majestic battle sequences." Sounds good, right? The DVD arrived to me from Netflix broken. Like, snapped almost completely in half. They're sending me another one but I'm still so pissed off.


Anonymous said...

Ninja Scroll is one of the best animes ever. Didn't you watch that before back in Junior/Senior year? Nigel had a copy we watched all the time. Reign is definately way far out there, but really good. Imagine the real story done in Aeon Flux style, it's wild. Way too many men's legs all over the place to not be a bit freaky, though.

lauren said...

I live in Japan and trust me the same is true going the other way on the dubbing. Great english movies with wonderful actors are given these japanese voice overs with achingly stupid hello kitty sounding women-pretending-to-be girls voices and the men all sound like young dopes or old samurais... no matter what the film... imagine on golden pond with the above senario... ick.