[amy] The difference between Carrie and me

I’ve been watching Season 3 of Sex and the City. I know I swore it off because I’m not learning anything new (other than how to be a whore) and it’s not making me a better, more interesting person. If anything, it’s making me want to buy purses and clothes I can’t afford. Yesterday I went to visit the comic shop to pick up whatever new issues were in my box when Tom told me about the new Bone he had just got in. It’s the complete series: 1300 pages total, for $40.00. I didn’t really want to spend the money on it right then but I had been wanting to read Bone for a while… And this was the WHOLE series… Knowing what a cheapskate I am (I recently refused to buy a comicbook-storing cardboard box from him for $4.00 because I thought it was a ripoff), Tom whipped out a calculator and said, “Well, if you were going to buy all the trade paperbacks… And with the discount I give you... Buying this ONE book will save you $143.70.” I couldn’t deny it: It was a fantastic deal. Tom rang me out and put the book into a brown bag and I walked out of his store with as much flair as Carrie Bradshow leaving a Jimmy Choo boutique, twirling a pair of new shoes. Only, I was leaving the store with a heavy, non-descript brown paper bag that looked like it either contained lots of porn or two bricks. But I didn’t care! Now I have the whole story of Bone!

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Bill said...

Watching Sex and the City is like eating junk food. It feels really good at first, but the more you consume, the more unhealthy you feel.

I want that Bone compilation too. Give it to me. Give it to me right now! You're not uploading it fast enough!