Weekend Update

Early Friday night was spent trying to play Rage. I say “trying” because it didn’t go all that well. When I first got the game, all the directions were in German, so I had no clue how to play. I downloaded the English version but realized this past Friday that these particular directions were (a) too long, (b) too confusing and (c) the pictures of cards shown didn’t match those in my deck. Great. Jason, his friends and I gave that up and went on to play Carcassonne. We were about half-way through when my sister got home and was like, “I wanna go see The Last Samurai.” The guys obviously weren’t going to go and I was like, “Are you serious? It’s 8:45. The movie’s at 9:15 and it takes forever to get to Claremont.” But she was about to cry so I ditched the game and hurried out the door with her. We got there at 9:15 and got our seats just as the movie was starting.

The movie was okay. It was beautiful and sad and all that but the thing about Tom Cruise is that you don’t ever get lost in the character he’s playing. You’re thinking, “There goes Tom Cruise on a horse,” or “Tom Cruise is fighting with a sword.” I told my sister on the drive home: “Of Tom Cruise gets an Oscar nomination for this movie, I’ll be surprised. If he actually wins the Oscar, I’ll eat a pair of my underwear.” She goes, “Ewwww,” and I don’t say anything, but I was thinking, “Dude, I’d obviously eat a freshly laundered pair of underwear. Why did she automatically assume I’d want to eat dirty underwear?”

Saturday morning, Barbara and I braved the heavily falling and rapidly accumulating snow to bring Griffith and Gatsu to the vet’s for their yearly rabies shot. They were both petrified and catatonic on the way to the vet’s, at the vet’s and on the way home from the vet’s. I didn’t particularly like the new vet we saw. She called Griffith “fat” (not in so many words). I can call Griffith chubby if I want to, but nobody else can. He’s actually all muscle. He’s like a little pit-bull.

Barbara, Jason and I, trapped indoors, played multiple games of Settlers.

Sunday: Shoveling. Shoveling shoveling shoveling. We got 15 inches. There was lots of brushing off cars and waiting for the plow to come through. The thing I hate about plows is that when they drive by, they leave a wall of wet, dirty, heavy snow at the end of your driveway that you then have to shovel (after you’ve already shoveled the whole driveway). I brought the cats outside and they were pretty freaked out by all the white cold stuff, but they eventually got into it.

Then I played Caesar and Cleopatra with Jason. It was all right but I think we need to play more to get the hang of it. Also, we were both dismayed by the fact that sometimes a vote by the patrons is postponed because there’s an orgy that day. No kidding. You turn over the card and it says, “No vote. Orgy today.” This game is supposed to be for kids, age 10 and up. What’s up with that?

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