Looking for the "Best of" David Hasselhoff?

With more than 830 glowing reviews, it's obvious this truely is a five star album. Just read a few:

"The words flowed forth from Hasselhoff's tender lips like sweet nectar from the mouth of God himself." -npasto

"I must confess I had never heard of Dipstick Heffalump before I heard a rare radio acoustic rendition of 'Hot Shot City' and from then on, it was my mission in life to track down any CD with the track on." -roger_mctodger

"You could punch a soprano in the gut and not get the same vocal tones that shoot forth from his mouth. Effortlessly, he leans his big head back and lets loose a cry that causes whales to beach and dogs to shed." -Bukakky Swallows

"From the first time I heard this album, I wanted to stab myself up the bum with a double edged light-saber." - A music fan

"The song 'Hot Shot City' is particularly good." (Nearly every who wrote a review. If you're desperate to know just how particularly good it is, click here.)

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