[spinning] Brown mystery handspun

The last of the yarn that I spun for Tour de Fleece:

Brown Handspun

Bulky two-ply. I assume it's wool but also suspect the white blips are silk and the sheen makes me think there's alpaca in there, too. The mystery fiber was just a 10 oz roll in a plastic bag. I should start cataloging stuff better.

Brown handspun

Enough to make a very, very warm winter sweater for a tiny little niece. Which I am wont to do.

All the TdF yarn, skeined and washed:

All the yarn spun for Tour de Fleece. #tourdefleece #spinning

Very happy with the amount I got done over the month of July.

I have a car appointment after work today and envision finishing up the grey cabled socks. Woot wooooot.

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