[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface got to go on on a very exciting excursion to the vet for an emergency visit Sunday morning.

Sunday not-so-funday for Murderface. Emergency vet visit- Rocky bit him pretty bad on his butt. Rocky's getting castrated in a couple weeks to curb his aggression.

He's okay- getting better. He was bitten very bad in the butt by Rocky, our rabbit.

So, Sunday morning MF is having trouble going to the bathroom. He's trying to go in the litterbox and out of the litterbox and having small accidents all over the house. I'm following him and he's actively trying to poop on the bath mats, the front door rug, under my desk in the craft room on paper- everywhere. I scoop him up and turn him over in my lap to clean his butt- and I see a deep hole next to his anus and blood. 

I calmly put him down. Calmly walk to the kitchen and calmly call the vet's emergency line. As I wait for a callback, I frantically hurry to the bedroom to wake Dollar, get dressed and say, "We gotta go! We gotta go now! Murderface needs to go to the vet right now! Get ready!" 

We get the callback, drive down and have him thoroughly checked. It wasn't a pooping issue, which is what I had initially called for. I saw him pooping and then saw blood- I thought they were related. Actually it was a deep, painful bite that, not knowing what the pain was about and given how close it was to his... you know, made MF try to go to the bathroom nonstop. 

The question was then- who bit him? Penny, Santana or Rocky? We didn't see it happen so we can only guess but I'm 99.9999% certain that it was the rabbit. We have seen the rabbit get aggressive with the cats and the bite looked exactly like Rocky's two front teeth. Plus, Penny and Santana would never bite MF in the butt. Come on- that's not what cats do. The vet asked if Rocky is castrated and we have no idea but assume no. The vet said that intact male rabbits only get more aggressive the older they get, so... Rocky now has an appointment to get fixed in a couple weeks. 

We feel so bad for MF. He's the sweetest cat, a total pacifist. We usually let Rocky out of his hutch when we get home from work- then during the evening the cats and rabbit tend to chill on a fleece blanket that we put on the floor. The vet pointed out that the bite was on MF's butt, so he was trying to run away. Ugh. I get the feeling that MF was prob sitting or laying on the blanket, the rabbit ran up to him, MF jumped up and tried to get away, which startled the rabbit, who then lashed out to bite him.

Thankfully we caught the deep bite quickly- he hardly had a fever and the wound wasn't pussy/infected. He got a shot of antibiotics, rabies, something to curb the diarrhea he was having, and sub-q fluids to rehydrate him. We have some cleaning and disinfectant ointment to apply twice a day. He was a little depressed all day yesterday after we returned home but I think he was sleeping off all the shots. Last night he slept between us in bed on a towel all night. This morning he was purry and affectionate- he didn't seem to mind too much the cleaning/ointment application and then ate his breakfast in bed. The wound already looks MUCH better than yesterday. We are also administering lots of TLC.


cristina said...

Oooh, poor darling MF! Get well soon!

Deb Clandening said...

Oh dear Hope mF feels better soon