[cooking] Blueberry Hand Pies

Just in time to do this month's Bakealong Challenge from King Arthur Flour: Blueberry Hand Pies-

Blueberry Hand Pies

For months I've been working my way through bags and bags of frozen blueberries that my mom has given me every summer over the years. That's right- years. I've been using bags dated as far back as '2014' to boil and reduce into compote. Sure those berries are hella icy but I'm dumping them into a pot to boil down so all the water eventually evaporates. I add a glug or two of maple syrup and a teaspoon of cinnamon while it reduces. After simmering a few hours, I have a very thick blueberry sauce. (I bring this to work every morning for breakfast, in a cup with plain yogurt and granola.) I was thrilled to FINALLY be down to the last quart bag marked '2015'. Until I pulled out the top freezer drawer looking for something and saw 6 quart bags of blueberries labelled '2016'. WTFFFFFF. 

Anyway- these hand pies were easy for me because the filling was already done. The only hard part was the dough. Which wasn't even all that hard:

Blueberry Hand Pies

It's like a faux laminated dough. Lots of butter (two sticks... TWO STICKS OF BUTTER). I used uber thick plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream (because yogurt for breakfast). The dough was a little finicky to bring together because butter and yogurt are the only things adding any kind of moisture- and even then, you want the butter to stay kind of cool and solid so it can evaporate in the oven and add flakiness to the finished pastry. So I'm just kind of mashing together flour and yogurt together with my hands, trying to press it into something that will hold together. A little plastic bench scraper came in handy here to scrape under the dough and fold into an envelope.
Let the dough chill in the fridge, then roll it out into a 14" by 14" square to cut into sixteen 3.5" squares.

I mean, I don't know what your rolling skills are like but mine are non-existent. I remember taking a cracker class at KAF with my mom and sister and when it came time to roll out the dough to cut into crackers, my mom looked at my dough, laughed and pointed it out to my sister- "Look at Amy's dough- ha ha ha." (#tigermom) I was going for a rectangle and it looked like Westeros. That's why I like making pies- you can cut away all the messed-up, cracked edges. 

This 'roll into a 14" by 14" square' plan wasn't working for me nor the dough, so I took a big ring and made an executive decision- these f'ing hand pies are going to be round. I found some small cutters to cut away vents for the tops.

Blueberry Hand Pies

I did have to re-roll some scraps, which isn't ideal for loftiness but I just stacked the scraps and rolled them, still hoping for layers. And re-rolling allowed me to cut enough circles to make 10 little pies instead of 8 (and probably the fact that they were round instead of square affected the final number).

Crimped edges, brushed with milk, sprinkled with sugar:

Blueberry Hand Pies

All baked:

Blueberry Hand Pies

Only a few leaked and that's because the seal wasn't sealed properly. I'm very (pleasantly) surprised that none boiled up through the top shaped vents.

Dollar's away this week so there's no one to help me eat these. There's so much butter (dos palos!), I'm going to freeze these and see how they reheat from frozen at a later date. Sigh, putting blueberries BACK into the freezer.

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