[cooking] 4th of July Bundt

Attended a BBQ on Sunday and brought a bundt:

4th of July Bundt

Ooooo eeee, that looks perfect.

The recipe is a plain, buttermilk vanilla bundt. I added (in layers) dollops of blueberry compote and raspberry jam, and then swirled with a butterknife:

4th of July Bundt

Baked at 325 for 80 min. Recipe was for 70 min but with the extra jam throughout- it needed another 10 min before the tester would come out clean.

After it popped out of the pan:

4th of July Bundt

Gorgeous! And then dusted with powdered sugar:

4th of July Bundt

This was my take on red, white and blue (raspberry, powdered sugar, blueberry) but the jams both looked equally dark. Oh well- it still tasted awesome!

Was nice to have a long holiday weekend but I didn't get nearly the amount of things done that I wanted. I did start spinning for Tour de Fleece- and that was the main reason I got distracted from everything else. 

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