[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface, ruining the window screen:

Murderface. Ruining the screen.

Nice weekend. Chatted with an old college friend, whom I haven't spoken with in over a decade. I was soooo nice to hear her voice again and talk like the old days. She had sent me some chai tea that she blended herself- which made amazing tea. I enjoyed it al fresco Saturday morning while we caught up:

Chai al fresco! Thanks for the hand blended tea, @meghnak23

We may start a recipe sharing blog together...

Speaking of which, I'm back on the smorrebrod train. A while ago I made some beet picked eggs and added some thinly sliced onions to the jar. This past weekend, I put together an open-faced sandwich:

#smörrebröd wheat toast, caper dill remoulade, beet pickled eggs, beets, shrimp, radish, lettuce (pretty much to add green to what was a very pink open face sandwich)

I make a remoulade of mayo, dill weed and minced capers. Schmear some of that on dark toast. I topped with beet pickled eggs, beets, radish, mini shrimp. This was a decidedly pink sandwich, so I just threw on some torn lettuce to add green. Oh now I remember what I did Saturday afternoon- I took a nice, long nap after having this as a late lunch. It was a great nap.

Sunday I had to have another smorrebrod for lunch:

S'more #smörrebröd

Some of the leftover remoulade on dark toast. Plain white hardboiled eggs, radish, some sliced leftover cold roast zucchini (green and yellow) from the previous night's supper, beet pickled onion on top. 

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