[gardening] What's blooming in late July

It's all daylilies, all the time, around the house.

These lovely peach ones were given to me by a coworker when we first moved and had lots of flowerbed space to fill:

#daylilies just peachy 🍑

Deep red daylily from Olallie Daylily Gardens:

This red one opened today, too. It's so red! ❤️ #daylilies


Magenta #daylily just popped open today.

Little grapette:

Little grapette day lilies!

A different, rounder red daylily:

Another red day lily

Siloam Bo Peep:

Siloam Bo Peep. #daylily #siloambopeep

Different red daylilies from another coworker. These have interesting sculpting along the petals:

Daylilies that a coworker gave me before she moved away.

There are non-daylily things blooming as well...

Threadleaf coreopsis (a woodchuck resistent coreopsis). I moved a bit of this down to the new flowerbed this spring:



#primrose #farina #primula

A little bit of echinacea that the woodchucks didn't eat.

What little #echinacea wasn't devoured by the woodchucks is starting to bloom. Bonus viola below, awww.


Globe thistle:

Globe thistles.


Hostas are blooming!

And the flower bed bed:

Flower bed bed

Yesterday I went around a cut a little bit of everything to make a bouquet for the entryway:

A bouquet of everything. 💐

Love having cut flowers inside.

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