[gardening] Coleus and Begonia

I bought 6 packs of coleus and begonia in the late spring. I didn't put them into the ground, but added them to medium and large planters next to the driveway instead.

Planter of #coleus and #begonia.

Last year I had some coleus under the ninebark, but it didn't get enough sun. I had some begonias in the back by the deck but the leaves would get crispy brown. Here, they are in nearly full sun and they seem to be loving it.

Had a frustrating night spinning- I'm trying to spin lace weight on the Kromski Sonata with the WooLee winder but the tension from just the WW hook moving is too much and the yarn broke on me. 8 times. The 8th time (Dollar and I were watching a movie, the cats were on the couch), I was like, "God DAMN IT!" I moved the the couch and pressed my face into Penny's side as consolation. I searched the Kromski board on Ravelry this morning and found a possible modification (others had reported having take-up problems when using a Sonata with a WW). Will try it tonight.

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