[spinning] Tour de Fleece

Tour de Fleece runs concurrently with Tour de France. You spin every day that they ride. I haven't spun anything in a while, so this will be good practice.

I finally finished my first bobbin last night:

Day 5 of TdF and I finally finished a batt. Will let the singles rest and then chain-ply this weekend. #tourdefleece #teamcatitude

It's a mystery batt- I'm not sure what the fiber content is but there's so much sparkle. I spun it lace-weight. I'll let it rest and then chain-ply this weekend. Will prob end up being DK-weight.

By the way, I'm trying to get one of the cats in each picture because I'm spinning on Team Catitude. Since Penny is the one who usually shadows me, she's ending up in most of the pictures.

I bought a used Kromski Sonata travel wheel earlier this summer. It was an excellent deal- came with lots of extra regular bobbins (which also work for upright Kromski Minstrel- bonus!) AND a WooLee winder and WooLee winder bobbins. I hadn't used it yet but I set it up, read the instructions and gave it a go.

New used wheel for the next spinning project. This Kromski Sonata uses scotch tension and I'm used to double-drive. Haha, and I don't have to you what THAT means, ammirite? #tdf #kromski #spinningwheel #teamcatitude

After an evening of spinning, I completed 50% of a wool/viscose fiber from Fantom Farm (purchased at VT Sheep and Wool some years ago). 

And just like that, one bobbin done. Spinning is so much more gratifying when you're not spinning lace weight. #tourdefleece #teamcatitude

I'm spinning much thicker. I'll do the other 50% on another bobbin tonight and ply them into a (probably) bulky weight yarn.

I wish I had lots of crazy, colorful batts and braids to spin but I generally reach for those first. Now, my fiber stash is lots of naturals and neutrals. Kind of boring to spin but it will be nice to get a decent portion of it spun up.

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