[knitting] Slater Mill 8th Annual Knitting Weekend

Back from a nice, long weekend in Pawtucket, RI to hangout with a friend and attend Slater Mill's Knitting Weekend. Not many pictures from the weekend but it was great. Met some great instructors and fellow students. I loved both my classes. Saturday morning was Design 101 with Julia Farwell-Clay. Sunday was Tips and Tricks with Ellen Mason. Here's my swatch from the design class:


The original idea was to make a tessellation(ish) design that nested white rabbits with orange foxes. You can see on upper left-hand side of the graph paper- I kind of got it to work vertically but couldn't sort out how to stagger the motif and repeat the column. For the sake of time, I just knit a couple rows of fox heads. The idea is worth going back to someday.

Sunday's Tips and Tricks was great. We all received a print out of 50+ tips and everyone in the class had something to contribute. A couple days ago I posted how I make cord for my drawstring bags- there was a great tip on how to use a ball winder to quickly introduce twist into a strand of yarn. I was all AAGGGHHH MY MIND- IT IS BLOWN.

The Mill was fantastic- everyone working there was so friendly and knowledgeable and really invested in the historic site. The event was well organized- wine and cheese reception Friday night, catered lunch Saturday, mid-morning coffee/pastries break. The marketplace had great vendors- I did pick up a few things. And the Berroco swag bag that the students received had a couple skeins of Fiora yarn and a lovely (LOVELY) laser-etched gold ornament of Slater Mill. 

I hung out with my friend and her new puppy. Ate some good food. Watched the Patriots win on Saturday. Came back on Sunday and still had a day off on Monday. Best weekend in a long time. 

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Gracey is not my name.... said...

Sounds like a great weekend....I have been once or twice....only on Saturday for the market..