[crafts] White Deer

A white plastic deer head:

Deer bust

The plan here is to paint it teal and hang a cross-stitched piece under that says "TL; DR". Teal deer. Ahhh hahahahah, how whimsical.

But... I haven't charted out any of the letters yet. I received a lovely sack of yarn from Webs yesterday- which I hardly even touched. I can't do anything until I'm done watching Netflix's Making a Murderer. I just started watching a few days ago and I am completely obsessed with this documentary. Supper has been eggs over easy and toast for two nights. Usually I'm happy to knit on the couch while Dollar plays Fallout next to me- but I've resorted to plugging earbuds into my iPad and continuing to watch the show while I ignore him and the cats. Everyone in the house will be relieved when I finish all the episodes. Hopefully tonight. 

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