[knitting] 100 mitered squares of disappointment

After all my holiday knitting was done, I finished up the mitered infinity scarf that I started in early December.

One side:

mitered cowl

The other side:

mitered cowl

What the shit. The colors are so irregular- this is supposed to be one colorway.

The original fiber was 8oz of corriedale pencil roving from Crown Mountain Farm in 'Dance of the Dervish':

Crown Mountain Farms

I spun it as a heavy fingering-weight single ply:

Handspun - single ply

Handspun - single ply

Obviously daytime/nighttime, natural light vs. artificial light will affect how the colors look in the pictures but it doesn't really explain why half of the yarn is literally a different colorway from the other half.

It started out with nice deep eggplant and orange but it eventually just turned to a washed out purple and greenish-yellow. With a random square here and there of all orange or brown. This is really disappointing and weird and ugly. I'm just going to be real and say it's a shitty dye job. There was no way to tell it would turn out like this while it was still in the skein. If I had known, I would have made this yarn a two-ply to blend things up.

I'll still use the cowl for myself- it's warm and plush- but I would not give it as a gift or enter it into the fair. It just looks so... junky.

It also makes me a little worried for another 8 oz of single ply from Crown Mountain Farm that I have in the stash:


I guess I won't be doing mitered squares with it.

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