[vermont] Flowers in the wild

Saw some patches of white flowers down by the brook and went to inspect:

Sanguinaria canadensis. Or, bloodroot. It gets it's common name from the red-orange sap in the leaf and root.

It looks not-so-special from a distance, but up close:

Amazing to see #bloodroot on one of the few days it blooms. #sanguinaria #canadensis #nofilter

Stunning. The very center looks like a glowing piece of gold. I didn't doctor the photo at all or add any filters- that's just a picture with my iPhone. The bloom is even more special because it lasts only a day or two. A saw some had already gone by with their white petals on the ground.

Walked up up toward the house, I spotted some red trillium in the woods just off the driveway:

Red #trillium 🌹, aka Stinking Benjamin 💩🚶, aka Trillium erectum 💪, aka wake-robin 🌞🐦, aka Bethroot 💁®🌰0⃣🌴

Love the deep burgundy shade. Best to admire from a distance- the common name is Stinking Benjamin because it smells like rotting meat and are pollinated by flies. I've never actually experienced this first hand but I don't hang around them very long and I definitely don't take a deep whiff of the flower.

In the back yard, the mystery plan has revealed itself to be Dicentra cucullaria, or Dutchman's breeches. 

Whoa, what are these? Mystery plant looks like yellow Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart... With horns. #dicentra?

I will take another picture after they open- they really do look like upside down puffy pants! I have no idea how this started growing here. I think I threw some seeds in this spot last year but nothing happened. Now there are at least 10 little plants coming up! I hope this thrives.

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gayle said...

I love seeing your flower photos. Really makes me miss Vermont...