[cooking] Bagels and Bialys

I took a cooking class with a friend at King Arthur Flour this past Sunday- bagels and bailys. It was a great class- I hadn't taken a bread class there yet. 

My bagels:

My bagels!

The dough is made with extra-high gluten flour and a stand mixer takes all the work out of kneading the dough. The final dough is insane- so smooth but as tough as Play-Doh. It was hard to cut through even with a bench scraper. I tried a few different techniques to shape the bagels, which is why they look so different.

The last part of the class were the bialys, which I'd never even heard of before. It's basically the same dough as the bagels- with out the malt flavor- and you don't boil them first. Make a little yarmulke with the dough and put some caramelized onion in the middle.


With a tiny piece of leftover dough, we made a little baby bialy. 

Baby bialy

Homemade bagels are the bomb. While I loathe having to buy "special" ingredients (high gluten flour, non-diastatic malt powder), it's worth it to be able to make these bagels at home. You can even slice the finished bagels, freeze them and then toast them straight from the freezer.

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