[gardening] Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart

Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart blooming in the back shade bed:

Old fashioned bleeding hearts.

Last year the plant was only 1 year old and produced three hearts. This year, there are 4 branches holding a dozen hearts each. At this rate- I can't wait to see how this plant looks in a couple years.

I've added more things to the new shade bed. My mother unknowingly had a nice, large patch of Lily of the Valley on a slope next to her house. We dug up a bucket-full and I added them to a couple places at my house. I've started columbine and foxglove seeds. I ordered a small amount of Tibetan poppy seeds and put those down. I don't know what will come of any of these seeds but I might as well throw them somewhere.

I have one more new (smaller, thank goodness) flower bed I'm going to expand. Then I'll get to the vegetable garden, which I've been putting off for weeks.

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gayle said...

I've got a bleeding heart that's a little older than yours and it's covered in hearts, so yours will soon have lots and lots.
Speaking of lots and lots - watch those Lily of the Valley! If you've got one, you've got a hundred! They love to multiply.