[travel] 2011 Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival

I did go to the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival this year, during the less-rainy day (Sunday).

2011 VT S&W

I bought some very nice, interesting new fibers to spin. I visited my favorite vendor Fantom Farm and got some special, sparkly fiber. 

ME: Do you have any spinning fiber with Angelina or Firestar in it?

FF VENDOR: Over here, here's some.

ME: peering closely Yeah. Yeah, I guess that has some sparkle. sigh

FF VENDOR: You like sparkly fibers?

ME: Yes.

FF VENDOR: looks left... looks right... Listen, I got some fiber that isn't out because it's so sparkly-

ME: I'll take it.

FF VENDOR: goes to the back of his area, moves stuff aside, opens a tub, pulls out a bag, reveals a ball of brown fiber blended lots of copper sparkle.


FF VENDOR: blinks

ME: Ahem. Sparkly. Weight it. I'll take the whole ball.


My sister and I and a friend wandered the festival but didn't stay too long. There's one food vendor there that has consistently served sub-par food, year after year. I avoided them but our friend got a cold, inedible sausage. Poor thing, I shared my sandwich with her. And when we got back to my house, I made some fried rice. My advice is to bring your own food to the VT S&W. The food there really isn't good and it's way overpriced.

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gayle said...

We were there Sunday, too - sorry to have missed you! Though we spent most of the day hanging out in the sheep barn, ogling young rams, rather than out with the pretty yarns and fibers...
And you're right about the food. Next year I'm bringing a picnic lunch, I think.