[misc] Santana has her bed back


Oof, two weeks of being incommunicado. I had house guests last week and was busy hosting, entertaining, touring, etc. We did almost everything that VT and NH has to offer: apple picking, the Flume at Franconia Notch, the tram up Cannon Mountain, Quechee Gorge, VINS, Ben & Jerry's, Cabot, Stowe... I cooked as much New England-y food as possible: clam chowder, shepherd's pie, apple pie, blueberry crisp, maple muffins. We had breakfast at Eaton's Sugarhouse and lunch at FireStone's. (Why is FireStone's in Quechee always empty- it's one of the few places that I like and will eat out at. The food is very good!) We ate nice cheeses, drank lots of beer. It was a very fun week and they were awesome guests.

Now to get back into real life- house, bills, work, ... sigh.

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