[misc] Sleepless in Vermont

4:21 am

AMY: Psst.

DOLLAR: zzzz

AMY: Hey... Hey, are you up?

DOLLAR: zzzz

AMY: shakes DOLLAR

DOLLAR: Hm... whut... 

AMY: Hey... I think I know why the electric bill went up so much.


AMY: I think it's the weed whacker- the battery for the weed whacker. You were doing a lot of weed whacking last month and charging the battery every day.

DOLLAR: Yeah... I thought of that.

AMY: Oh. Well. I think that that's what it was. It must be...

DOLLAR: ... zzzz

AMY: What do you think Santana?

SANTANA: I want breakfast.

AMY: It's too early. I'm not getting up.

SANTANA: But I'm awake and I want food. Now.

AMY: ... zzzz

SANTANA: Just you wait, human... just... you... wait... 

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