[spinning] Batts

Two batts I picked up from DyakCraft (formerly known as Grafton Fibers) earlier this year:

Grafton Fibers Batts

DyakCraft (formerly Grafton Fibers) Batts

DyakCraft (formerly Grafton Fibers) Batts

This was the first time I'd ever spun from batts and what a way to start. These batts were so soft, so gorgeous and so easy to spin. Opening up the batts, unfolding the fiber, I would murmur to myself, "Gorgeous, just gorgeous."

I'm not sure what to knit but it should be interesting, with subtle striping. I love these jewel-tone colors.


countryelvis4 said...

Gorgeous spinniny Amy! I had a very similar batt, it looks similar to yours...

I'm planning on knitting a nice cowl with it for a Christmas gift.

gayle said...

That is flat-out fabulous yarn! You'll want to knit something that you'll wear often, so you can show it off!

MissingRib2 said...

This is gorgeous....reminds me of the Grand Canyon.