[knitting] Lima Shawlette

I made a quick little shawlette for my sister:

Lima Shawlette

Pattern: 198 yds of Heaven (Ravelry-only link, sorry. If you Google "198 yds of Heaven", you can see other people's projects.)

Yarn: Rowan Lima, less than two balls

Needles: US 9

I did the pattern as written and it turned out very pretty. But small (more like a lace kerchief). I'd like to make another for myself with double the amount of yarn.

The yarn was interesting. I bought it because of the heathery color, how soft it is and the fact that it's chain-plied, which interested me. I found no knots in either ball but I did have a mishap where one of the chains broke and when I tugged the yarn, the chain unraveled back. My advice would be to use a wicked dull-tipped needle when you knit with it.

I pinned out the edges to a scalloped shape, rather than points.

Lima Shawlette- blocking

Yay for a blocking board, wires and t-pins. Long gone are my ghetto blocking days of bent safety pins and a bare mattress.

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gayle said...

Love that blocking board. That's on my ultimate wish-list...