[spinning] Denim

I got a 4oz bag of wool and mohair pencil roving from Foxfire Fibers at the the 2009 NH Sheep and Wool Festival (back in May) and spun it up as a single:

Single Ply Mohair

The semi-solid denim colorway and sheen from the mohair really drew me in. The finished yarn might not be next-to-the-skin wearable. Still trying to brainstorm what to make with this. Lace, so that I can block the project and terminate any sort of bias that naturally comes from an energized single... Maybe a lace shawlette...


Joansie said...

Love the colorway. A shawlette sounnds so nice. There are several of those patterns I hope to get to after the holidays.

gayle said...

Very pretty yarn! A lacy shawlette sounds perfect - it will really show off the yarn.