[misc] Murderface Chillaxing

I was working in my craft room last night and Murderface came in, jumped up onto the bed and started kneading my handknit sweater. Rather than spanking him, I whipped out my camera and tried videotaping a bit. I missed the kneading but here's a few seconds of him chilling:

It has gotten really chilly all of a sudden. I told Dollar I wanted to turn the heat on in the house. He said, "Maybe you should put on a sweatshirt and socks. Look at you, you're barefoot. No wonder you're cold." So I made a nice hot soup for supper and retired to my craft room in a wool sweater and wool socks, to spin and watch tv shows on my computer. I told him I'll wait until October to turn on the heat. He wants to wait until November. We'll see...


Sara said...

Ahhh...he is so cute!!!!

I'm turning on my heat tonight!!! I'm cold - and, I'm wearing socks!

Kit said...

Aw, I like your kitty. He looks so contented there, and well-loved!