[knitting] Cabled Bag... Nearly


Cabled Bag: Blocking

This cabled rectangle is going to be a bag. Eventually. Right now, while it's drying, I can figure out how to sew in a fabric lining. And what kind of handles to attach. And other scary finishing techniques that I know nothing about.

But for now now, I'm admiring the cabley goodness:

Cable Terrain

There were a couple road bumps along the way. A good example is this incorrectly twisted cable. Notice that the right side of the left-most cable braid is twisted twice:

Mistake: Pre-Op

I didn't notice until a couple rows later, when I went to cable one way but the knits and purls weren't where they were supposed to be. Rather than tink back, I dropped the stitches down to where the mistake was, corrected things, then picked the stitches back up. Ta-da:

Mistake: Post-Op

It wasn't very difficult. Good thing, too. I had to fix an incorrectly twisted stitch again shortly after.

But for now now, I'm admiring the cabley goodness:

Cables flowing

Cables might be my new favorite knitting thing to do. It helped that this bag was knit on size US 10.5 needles with two strands of Plymouth Galway held at once.


Sara said...

Really the pattern a lot...

TheTwistedPurl said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I can't wait to see it as a bag. Beautiful cable work.

Kit said...

Lovely color. I wish I liked knitting cables as much as admiring them on others' work.