[knitting] Almost Finished Objects

I finished knitting the Squirrely Swedish Mittens this weekend:

Squirrely Swedish Mittens

Squirrely Swedish Mittens

Those thumbs sucked. I don't think I'd ever want to do gloves. Now all that remains is to weave in ends (probably at the next Knit Night) and wash/block. These mittens are so soft and floppy but just a little too big. I had Dollar try them on and they fit him perfectly but (a) I don't think he'd wear mittens, and (b) there's no way I'd give these up anyway.

I immediately started another pair called Icewine mittens:

Icewine Mittens

I'm using Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair. Working with this worsted weight wool on size 2 needles is TOUGH. It's not fluid and smooth- making each stitch is like hammering a nail. The resulting fabric is stiff (the complete opposite of the SS mittens). I have a 30% urge to rip the mittens but I'll keep on keeping on in the hopes that they'll bloom, soften and relax after a nice soapy bath. Plus, I think the more dense they are, the more windproof and warm they will be.

The knitting for the Yoke Pattern Jacket is complete:

Yoke Pattern Jacket

I've got to spend one weekend seaming this thing. I need a big block of time with good sunlight to get this thing done.

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