[knitting] Squirrely Swedish Mittens

Last week on my trip to DC, I decided to only bring one project with me: Squirrely Swedish Mittens. I am using Frog Tree 100% Alpaca Sport Weight and size US 2 needles. One down (sans thumb), one to go:

022508 012

I noticed that all the squirrels look fairly cute and innocent except for that one on the end. That guy looks evil... Enhance!

evil squirrel

Am I the only one that sees horns and a scowling expression?

I'm well into the 2nd mitten but I'm going to get back into the Yoke Pattern Jacket. Someone on Ravelry contacted me about some yarn in my stash- the Classic Elite Skye Tweed I'm using for Dollar's jacket. I'm going to spend the next few weeks trying to Wrap. It. Up. Then I'll know how many balls of yarn I've got left over to trade. Here's the last photo I took of the jacket...

Yoke Pattern Jacket

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