[knitting] Gauge-shmage

I started a new hat pattern for me: the Rangoli hat with two balls of super fuzzy Bernat alpaca. This project has been a trial. The yarn is nice and soft but terribly sheddy. Seriously, it looks like a rabbit exploded all over my stomach and lap whenever I put this project aside.

My biggest problem is that the hat is turning out to be an over-over-oversized rasta cap. I didn't like how the pattern created something that wasn't quite a hat, wasn't quite a tam, so I decided to tamify the pattern. And I'm knitting it with bulky yarn, rather than sport-weight.

I would periodically try on the tam while knitting and look at Dollar. He said things like, "Hey mon," and "We be jammin'?" And it grew. It grew and grew and grew. I tried to pass it off as a bold fashion choice. I would think, "It's like wearing a pillow on my head- I can just go to sleep wherever I am."

It IS like wearing a huge, round, cable-knit, fuzzy pillow on my head. Which IS a bold fashion choice... If you're a crazy lady pushing a shopping cart full of recyclables down the street.

I'm going to finish this thing. Then it's either going to be (a) washed/dried to see if it'll shrink down to a reasonable size, or (b) a pillow cover. I'll go out and buy a large round pillow and use this as a cover. Because it's so huge. Huger than a steering wheel.

Happy Valentine's Day, mon.

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